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Not So Busy Bee is my third book in the Not So series. Similarly to the previous two (Not So Scary Bear and Not So Quiet Mouse), the story is about defying stereotypes and being true to yourself.


I came up with the title first - Not So Busy Bee – and this helped inspire the actual content of the story – a tale about a bee that was not like the other busy bees.  Instead of exhausting himself by buzzing around all day, Not So Busy Bee takes his time and enjoys the smaller moments in life (“smelling the flowers and counting the clouds”). And, as the story developed, the more I realised I wanted this book to carry a positive message about slowing down and being more mindful of your feelings and others.


It’s also a book about friendship and that helping your friends is worth its weight in gold (or honey!)

Try your hand at some Bee inspired crafts! Watch videos and download some activity sheets.


First is to write the story! Next sketch the main characters and then work on the storyboard. I then decide on the colour palette and paint the paper that I will use to make all the illustrations.  I paint with old brushes, rollers and sponges to make a range of textures. 

FINAL ARTWORK - close up

For this book I created all the illustrations by hand using collage. I make each individual piece first and then the background and then stick it all together. It's definitely a labour of love!

Here are some close-ups of the final artwork. Once the artwork is finished, I send the illustrations to the publisher to scan, design and add text. The entire process takes approximately one year - from rough sketches to printing the books.

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